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Professional Fixer in Colombia

When filming in Colombia you need to be on top of everything. Not an easy task from a distance. But when you work with Fixer Colombia you can relax – there is someone on the ground managing the production for you.

Fixer Colombia

The key to successful video production in Colombia is ample research and preparation. It is an incredibly varied country, in all aspects. From cultures to climates and landscapes, it is far from homogeneous. 

Get a taste of the colonial Caribbean on the island of San Andres. Reach new heights in the Andes Mountains. Dive deep into the Amazonian jungle. Marvel at the celebrations of life during Colombia’s festivals. For this and more, our location scout knows exactly where to take you.

By hiring Fixer Colombia you are giving yourself the tools to understand and navigate this fascinating country. We work with a team of film professionals including motivated journalist fixers, videographers, and support crew. We are your go-to contact – from getting the right film permit to laying the groundwork for interviews. 

Colombia’s cinematic scenes have attracted bid budget Hollywood movies, but also compelling documentaries and brand videos hitting the mark. It is impossible to get bored with all that Colombia has to offer. Let us show you its many hidden gems.

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Colombia

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Colombia has a growing pool of talented filmmakers but filming in Colombia as a foreign production company is a different story. You need to know how to read between the lines and remain respectful of the community. That is why Fixer Colombia works with professionals who can translate the cultural differences.

Spanish is the official national language but there are over 100 different languages spoken in Colombia. You need a trustworthy and experienced translator when you are planning on filming in Colombia’s more rural regions with the indigenous communities. Gaining access to these groups also requires careful and patient communication beforehand. Fixer Colombia can build a bridge between your team and the community.

Beyond cultural differences, our film fixer in Colombia is aware of climate differences. Weather conditions change drastically during the seasons and in each region. Bogota’s high altitude is nothing like the humidity in Putumayo. A film crew wants long daylight hours and dry days which is not necessarily a given in Colombia.

Consult us for the best months for filming in each region and the recommended gear for these conditions.

Part of the production assistance that Fixer Colombia offers is making sure all the paperwork is valid and correct. Foreign film crews easily get confused when it comes to regulations and tax rebates. our film fixer in Colombia makes sure that your company is not exposed to any unnecessary risks. We work with international standards with equal respect for the local and foreign crew.


Filming In Colombia With Us

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What can you get when filming in Colombia with Fixer Colombia? You can expect an organized, well-informed, and reliable fixer on the ground. From pre-production to post-production, our network of filmmakers and production specialists are on it.

We provide full production assistance for all types of film productions. Looking for the hottest and happening neighborhoods or somewhere off the beaten path? Whichever scene you are looking for, our location manager makes it work. From roadblocks and special film permits to the most tranquil undiscovered stretches of land.

Talk to coffee farmers about Colombia’s most famous dark brew. Capture the colors of Cartagena’s rustic buildings. Become overwhelmed by the din of nature in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

Fixer Colombia is on hand for both the little and big needs. We hire drivers that are as good at rushing you through traffic in Medellin as they are at driving along cliffside roads in torrential rains. We can pack the most resilient camping gear or book you into film-friendly hotels. We are just as happy filming until the early morning in Zona Rosa as we are on a multiple days trek through Monserrate Mountains.

In short, you have a reliable local partner when you work with us. We know how Colombia works and we know what you need. Our mission is to get you the footage that you envision in the smoothest possible way. Things may not be as simple as 1-2-3 but that should not get in the way of fantastic film-making.

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