Production Services

Our production assistance services in Colombia cover everything you need. Therefore, from equipment rental to the right film permit, our fixers arrange it all. Our team of experienced production fixers knows exactly what needs to get done when filming abroad. As a result, we serve as your go-to liaison for everything related to filming and producing in Colombia.

production assistance colombia

Production Assistance in Colombia

Consider us your one-stop contact for production assistance in Colombia. We offer a long list of services for foreign film crews, including but not limited to:

  • Initial research & fact-checking
  • Film permits, paperwork & local access
  • Gear rental offers
  • Customs clearance
  • Film location scouting
  • Film crew & local contributors sourcing
  • Logistics, including transportation & accommodation
  • Production support for foreign journalists & filmmakers
  • Post-production support

Fixer Colombia is always at the ready to solve your production problems. However, a lot goes into filming abroad. Having someone with local knowledge by your side makes a world of difference. So you can trust us to deliver to international standards with the full Colombian experience.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns or special inquiries that you might have. Of course, we are happy to guide your production company through the entire process. For every type of task, there is a solution.

Access to the right production assistance in Colombia is the difference between a successful shoot and a long-winded struggle. Similarly, Colombia’s film industry is packed with talent and the country is very welcoming to foreign crews. Therefore, with our extensive local network, you also gain the benefits of filming in our fabled country.