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Colombia filming locations are breathtaking. There are mountainside towns, towering waterfalls, and unspoiled beaches. One day you are in the hustle and bustle of Bogota and the next you see nothing but cocoa farms. Of course, our location manager will take you to the most cinematic spots in Colombia. Cartagena and Medellin have already been discovered by Hollywood, but Colombia has much more to offer. Consult our fixers and scout for the best-kept secrets and unfold a completely new scene. It is possible to obtain film permits for most areas in Colombia. Let us know what you are looking for and we will take you there.

Colombia Filming Locations – Bogota

Bogota is where your journey starts. This is the heart of the Colombian film industry and where most crew and production assistance is based. You don’t even have to leave this mountain city to capture the colors and flavors of Colombia.

The advantage of Bogota is that it is a concentration of Colombia filming locations. Visit mountains and waterfalls but also hectic markets and growing industry. Film permits can be organized for every location type. You won’t be disappointed with what is on offer.

Each neighborhood has a distinct essence. Filming in Bogota gives you access to the historic La Candelaria but also the buzzing nightlife of Zona Rosa. There is a darker side to life in the notorious La Modelo prison. While a more carefree and loving approach to life characterizes the boho scene of Santa Fe Los Martires. 

colombia filming locations Bogota

Colombia Filming Locations – Medellin

Medellin is one of the better known Colombia filming locations. This is the city where American Made (2017) was filmed. When filming in Medellin you can’t help but think of the wildly popular series on Netflix, Narcos. Despite this link to an infamous history, it is also a city of intense beauty and resilience. See how the city has gone through a transformation in La Comuna 13. A unique sight are the outdoor escalators connecting the barrios to the city below. Art also plays a central role in the city’s culture. Go on a tour of the many monuments made by Rodrigo Arenas Betancur, culminating at Monumento a la Raza. Or capture Fernando Botero’s 23 bronze sculptures on Plazoleta de las Esculturas.Getting film permits in Colombia for Medellin gives you access to a very rich urban history that combines both the beauties and dangers of city life.

colombia filming locations Medellin

Colombia Filming Locations – Cartagena

While much of Colombia filming locations sit at cooler higher elevations, Cartagena is the opposite. Nestled on the Caribbean coastline, this is the idyllic resort area of Colombia. The many resorts, stellar hotels, and fine white sand beaches are perfect for travel videos and branding. It is possible to get film permits for public areas. Our location scout manager can also negotiate deals for any private property that would complete your scene. The colonial Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Picture stone walls and cobblestone alleys overlooking the crystal blue waters. The production company behind Gemini Man (2019) and Love in the Time of Cholera (2007) made a smart choice with this location. There are several islands near coastal Cartagena. There is Pablo Escobar’s mansion on La Isla Grande. Further away you find one of the world’s most densely populated islands, Santa Cruz del Islote.

film permits colombia cartagena

Colombia Filming Locations – Amazon

The Amazon river stretches beyond Brazil and into Colombian territory. Large portions of the south of Colombia is still covered in a dense rainforest ecosystem. It is not the simplest place to explore but our location scout manager will be your guide. Of all Colombia filming locations, this has to be one of the most thrilling. The true adventurers go beyond Leticia, where Peru, Brazil, and Colombia meet. Those seeking out action will find it in the wild rivers and waterfalls of Putumayo and Caqueta. Many filmmakers also seek out the indigenous communities that still live in these regions. Consult our film fixer in Colombia for the possibilities of visiting these communities. Arranging for these opportunities requires more time than the regular processing of film permits. Be aware of the seasons when planning on filming in the Amazon. Naturally, the rainy season is not the safest time for filming.

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