Filming in Colombia

There are many reasons why you should consider filming in Colombia. Not only is it a land of natural beauty, but also highly facilitating for international film productions. Film permits, equipment rental and local crew are all simple arrangements.

Work with our production fixer in Colombia and tap into everything the country has to offer. Discover the secrets of the Amazon or paint a picture with the colonial buildings in Cartagena. Shed light on the wisdom of indigenous cultures or showcase your brand in Colombian coolness. Fixer Colombia can make it all happen.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Colombia

In Colombia, you can expect competent and experienced production assistance. Its well-developed film industry is filled with hard workers and creative spirits. Our production fixer has the local connections you need.

Filming in Colombia

There is a good pool of local talent including directors, directors of photography, actors, cameramen, and sound crew. Let us know what type of production assistance you need so we can present you with possibilities. Most crew, talent, and film gear are available locally at fair day rates and buyouts.

Filming in Colombia is a fantastic opportunity for your creative vision. Films like Gemini Man and Love in the Time of Cholera have already gone before you. But do not worry, there are many more hidden gems our location scout can show you. From the countless waterfalls in the Pacific department to the majestic buildings in Medellin.

There is a wide variety of landscapes in Colombia. This means that some logistical planning is necessary when filming in Colombia. Most urban areas are well-connected with good roads. However, the situation may be different during the rainy season. Consult our production fixer for the best seasons for filming. Even in less than ideal conditions our team will make the best of things.

Getting Film Permits in Colombia

The process for acquiring film permits depends on the scale of the production, filming locations, and the specific region. Plan for at least 2 weeks of permit processing time but understand that more complex productions may take longer. 

Fixer Colombia - Filming in Colombia

Filming in Colombia is not a bureaucratic issue if you are planning a basic shoot. Film permits are mostly free of charge, granted that you get permission from the local authorities. Fixer Colombia can tell you which locations are the fastest and easiest options.

Plan for longer processing times when you wish to close off a certain public area. The same applies to special sights and locations such as heritage sites and national parks. The extra time is necessary for obtaining additional permits and coordination with the police for roadblocks. Colombia’s cities can be quite congested so blocking off urban areas requires some careful logistical planning. Currently, drone filming is allowed in most areas.

Most European and North American passport holders may enter Colombia freely for a period of up to 90 days. An invitation letter from the Colombia Film Commission is recommended, however. Foreign film productions that extend beyond 90 days will need to apply for work permits beforehand.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives for Filming in Colombia

Filming in Colombia is a great option for productions on a smaller budget. It has a well-developed film industry but the standard costs are significantly lower than in Europe and North America. In short, you get the best of both worlds.

Colombia Film Permits

A foreign production company may apply for tax rebates and cash incentives from different Colombian institutions. The Colombian Film Fund (FFC) offers a cash rebate of 40% for generic audiovisual services and 20% for logistics services costs made during production. This applies to films, music videos, and series.

A foreign production company may also apply for the CINA Transferable Tax Credit. This allows for a tax rebate of up to 35% of the production and logistics services. This tax rebate applies to films, music videos, series, video games, and advertising audiovisual productions.

Do note that to receive these incentives the production services must be performed by Colombian individuals or Colombian companies. Our local production fixer can broker deals with local production companies and film crew on your behalf. You will benefit from both cash incentives and affordable local rates.

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